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Welcome to The Vineyards at Wyndham Creek
A Residential Community in Sherwood, Oregon 

Our community website was developed by The Vineyards at Wyndham Creek to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

Neighborhood News
New HOA Board of Directors !
Posted on Aug 27th, 2019
Congratulations to the new HOA Board of Directors that were elected at the recent Annual Meeting !
Jacquelyn - President
Jason- Vice President
Ryan - Secretary
Kevin - Treasurer 
Celeste - Member at Large                    
Clyde - Special Appointment to the President
Quarterly Board Meetings Schedule to be determined soon.
Working to identify and prioritize neighborhood issues and concerns.
Questions? Please contact Jered at Infinity Real Estate Group @ 503-625-6555.
Upcoming Events
Vineyards HOA Quarterly Board Meeting
Wednesday, November 6th, 6:30 PM at Generations Restaurant in Sherwood
Vineyards HOA Quarterly Board Meeting
November 6, 2019 @ 6:30 PM
Generations Restaurant in Sherwood off Hwy 99W

HOA Community Message Board

Clear Vision Areas -
Street and Sidewalk
The City of Sherwood has implemented
a vegetation control program to insure
that City Code requirements
are met. These codes were adopted
to provide improved vehicular and
pedestrian safety and to provide
maintenance access.
In order to insure unimpeded parking
and maintenance of city streets and
alleys, trees must be trimmed 10 feet
minimum above roadways.
Shrubbery cannot extend past the
edge of a curb line. These guidelines
are set to allow street sweepers
to do a thorough job and prevent
damage to vehicles when parking.
These practices also aid in
reducing unwanted materials from
being washed down storm drains,
which may plug lines and
pollute waterways.
Trees must be trimmed to prevent
pedestrians from needing to enter
the roadway to pass a property and
for ADA and pedestrian access
7 feet minimum above sidewalks.
Shrubs cannot extend past the
sidewalk edge. Pedestrians must be 
able to walk unencumbered on the 
sidewalk without encountering low 
hanging limbs.
Concerned about the safety of
pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists,
the City of Sherwood has established
Clear Vision Areas at all intersections
to help people approaching an
intersection see each other clearly. 
The 10 feet and 7 feet tree
requirements apply. Shrubby must
be trimmed to 24 inches above
the curb. The area includes behind the
property line (on private property)
and the area on the street side of
the property line.
Traffic Control Devices
To promote safe and orderly
flow of vehicular and pedestrian
traffic, traffic signs and signals
must be visible far enough in
advance to allow adequate time
for a motorist to identify and
respond to the message the
device is conveying. Overhanging
tree branches or other vegetation
may obstruct these devices
resulting in delayed reactions
that may cause accidents. Vegetation
must be trimmed so traffic signs are
viewable by passing traffic.
Clear Vision Areas -
City of Sherwood Municipal Code:
/default/files /fileattachments/Code%20
Questions? Contact the City of Sherwood
Planning Department at 503-925-2308