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Process 2003
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  • Athletic & Recreational Facilities
    Per Article IX, Section 9.23 of the CCRs:
    Outdoor athletic and recreational facilities such as basketball goals, swing sets, and sport courts of a permanent nature shall not be placed on any Lot between the street right-of-way and the front of a residential dwelling situated upon any Lot and must be approved by the ACC pursuant to Article V.
    Please refer to the Sherwood Municipal Code Guidelines:
    Temporary facilities may be placed, utilized, and removed from view from the street during the course of a day.
  • Does the HOA allow Solar Panels?
    Provision in Oregon Law: SOLAR ENERGY PANELS - HOA allowing installation of Solar Panels
          105.880 Conveyance prohibiting use of solar energy systems void. (1) No person conveying or contracting to convey fee title to real property shall include in an instrument for such purpose a provision prohibiting the use of solar energy systems by any person on that property.
          (2) Any provision executed in violation of subsection (1) of this section after October 3, 1979, is void and unenforceable.
          (3) For the purposes of this section, “solar energy system” means any device, structure, mechanism or series of mechanisms which uses solar radiation as a source for heating, cooling or electrical energy. [1979 c.671 §5]
    According to Homeowner Association Attorneys:
    There is no single, definitive opinion among Community Association Lawyers about what this provision really means or how it is applied.  Also, there is no case law in Oregon that interprets this law. 
    However, its a safe interpretation is that the Association will allow solar devices, but may regulate the placement, size, location, etc. on a homeowner property, similar to the Association's authority under the Federal Satellite Dish Law. 
    The device will be erected and maintained in such a way that it is screened from public view along the public street right of way directly in front or side of the house. Written permission from the Board must be obtained PRIOR  to installing the devices on any lot. Failure to submit for approval will result in an immediate $50 fine.
    The Board can absolutely prohibit the installation of solar energy devices or systems on the common property. 
    Homeowners may submit an ACC form to the Board for consideration if a homeowner wishes to include solar panels on their property.
  • What improvements require the ACC Form?
    All building, additional structures, fencing, walls, outbuildings, improvements, repairs, landscaping, athletic facilities, atachments to the structure (solar panels, satellite dishes, awnings, pergolas, play structures. decking, driveways, patios, and painting require written consent  and ACC approval.
    Submission of plans and approval are required PRIOR to initiation of any of the above activities. Failure to submit the form prior to beginning your project will result in a fine assessed to the owner per the HOA Bylaws, Articles VIII, Section 1a.
  • What is the purpose of the ACC?
    The purpose of the Architectural Control Committee is to enforce architectural standards of the community and to approve or disapprove plans for improvements  proposed for the individual lots.
    The ACC Commitee shall have the authority to retain the services of a professional engineer, architect, designer, or inspector to assist in the performance of its duties of  reviewing any propsed plans.
    The ACC/Board reserves the right to request approval for any project on a homeowner property in any location, front-back-side of individual lots.
  • Where do I get the ACC Form?
    The ACC Form can be downloaded from this website and must be printed out and submitted to Infinity Property Management. We do not accept electronic submissions of the ACC forms, they must be hard copies mailed to Appleton Properties with all supporting documentation.
    Submission of the Form requires a complete set of plans and specifications related to the proposed improvements.  Examples of related information should include site plans, grading plans, landscape materials, floor plans depicting room sizes and layouts, exterior elevations, exterior materials and colors, structure sizes, and any other information deemed necessary by the ACC. 
    Failure to submit the ACC form PRIOR to beginning your project will result in a $50 fine.