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Process 2003
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Grandfathering Process 2003

Effective on 10/31/2003, the Board of Directors of the Vineyards at Wyndham Creek Home Owners Associatione (HOA) at the time had aerial photos taken of the entire development as a baseline in time for grand fathering modifications made to property and structures.
Any structures or modications that were made to the property as of 10/31/2003 were considered approved.
Structures including decks, sheds, play structures, additions to the house, outbuildings, walls, pools, major additions or  modifications to landscaping (including removal of trees or lawn) REQUIRE approval PRIOR to the start of any of the items listed above.
Failure to submit the ACC form will result in an immediate $50 fine. In addition, a $25 per week fine will be applied until the form is submitted.
The Aerial Photos are avaiable for viewing only thru Infinity Property Mgmt at 503-625-6555.